Why do white Christian women make better wives and mothers?

Proud White Chick Asked: Why do white Christian women make better wives and mothers?

We make better wives, better mothers, we discipline our children, take care of our husbands, less likely to divorce our men, we're strong independent women, believe in equal rights, and have special privileges. All the men want us!

Who agrees that white women make better wives and mothers?


Ryan Answered:
I don't. Racist ones definitely don't make better wives and mothers.
Please be a troll question.

Serena Answered:

the jen Answered:
I don't think color has to do with anything. It depends on the person and their maturity level, what kind of values they have, etc. White christian women who are racist aren't very humble and a true christian are they?

Screwdriverz Answered:
And after your husbands come home from doinking their girlfriends, they beat you into submission because dinner is cold.

Yep.I'm soooo jealous.

Zeh Doctor Answered:
No evidence as usual. No offense, but Asian parents have smarter students, in general.

Mike K Answered:

Stats say something much different starting with the very high divorce rates among Christians.


Michael Kelly.

Buddhaful Day Answered:
I don't agree with you. I was married to an asian lady for years and she was the best wife and mother possible. My 2 sons have married hispanic women and have very good spouses and mothers to their children.

Volpe42 Answered:
I don't think its really that black and white.There are many white mothers who are terrible mothers and terrible people in general.Its typically the really terrible parents are the ones who have tons of kids.

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