Why is country music so popular? ?

MetalQueen Asked: Why is country music so popular? ?

I don't like it at all. I'm into heavy metal….lots of variety in sound,style,and subject matter. To me it seems like all country songs are the same….drinking, divorce, cheating (relationship), tractors,cows, horses, farmer's daughter. ….so why is country music so popular?


cuz its soother and calm, i like every kind of music. But sometimes i cant hear linkin park, greenday screaming in my ears, so i switch to somethng calmer:)

joeondrums Answered:
the attaction to country is its real, genuineness in story and musical delivery. In country music, the artists are real and talented. They don't use gimmicks, sleezy lawyers or lying agents to tell them that they have got something to "market". They rely on real talent, or no go. Too many singers that are starving to just let in anyone that has false advertising and pretends to be singing.

RachelS165 Answered:
Because a lot of people feel that country music is "real" — it talks about real everyday people in real situations with honesty that's usually not present in most rock music.

Most country music ISN'T about "tractors, cows, horses, farmer's daughter" — that's just a stereotype.

FWIW, I love old-time country music from the 1920's and 1930's — performers like the Carter Family, Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers, Jimmie Rodgers, and so on, and current performers who play in the same genre.I usually can't stand heavy metal.

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