Why is my sister so jealous because i have the perfect life?

Jaylas Mommy Asked: Why is my sister so jealous because i have the perfect life?

Me and my older sister have always been very close, we used to do everything together.
I married when i was 18 years old, that's when the jealously started, she refused to be my bridesmaid at my wedding because she didn't want to be part of a marriage which would only last a couple of months because we were so young, we wasn't the bridesmaid and me and my husband went ahead and got married.
I was the first one to get pregnant, she was jealous then because she was not married, never had a boyfriend and not had a kid yet, because i was getting all the attention because i was giving my mom and dad their first grandchild and my nan and granddad their first great grandchild she got pretty jealous, she stopped answering my texts and my calls and ignored me at family get together.
I had my baby and hoped it would all blow over and she would be the perfect auntie and a good example to her niece, but i was wrong, she became obsessed and had one night stands with complete strangers just to get pregnant and was a member of most online dating sites out there because she wanted a boyfriend and someone to get married too.
I have just found out i am 16 weeks pregnant, she is still living with my parents and she is 30 years old, she has a boyfriend who she has been on and off with now for the last year or so, when she found out i was pregnant again she screamed and pulled me by the hair and screamed 'IM THE OLDEST, I SHOULD BE THE ONE GETTING PREGNANT AND GETTING MARRIED, YOUR STILL TOO YOUNG', i keep getting texts and voicemails off here saying im going to ruin your perfect little life and make sure you end up with nothing.
I am so scared for me and my familys life now, i dont go round my parents house anymore because she is always there and she always starts slagging me off.
What can i do? I want a relationship that i had 10 years ago when my sister but at the moment i just do not see it happening?


Emma Answered:
when people are jelouse it is usuly not that bad it means they look up to you and they follow you to make there goal to be like you.hope ths helps

Marcia Answered:
suggest you go to a social worker or marriage counselor for professional advice. there may be a lot of issues which need to be discussed before answers should be determined. these marriage counselors are trained in helping others through difficult times and they have a very strong sense of confidentiality. please take the time to seek professional advice rather than try to find the answers here, there is so much at stake a mistake might be disastrous to everyone.

LadyBug Answered:
Maybe ur bisexual. Try asking ur husband if its ok to have a threesome with another woman and see how u feel. Or try being with another woman before breaking up with him. Maybe u wont like it.

Cass Answered:
I think you have 3 options: suck it up and be miserable, try an open marriage, or get a divorce. If you know for a fact that you are a lesbian and you can never be truly happy with your husband, you're likely to come to resent him if you stay. To me, it seems like if you don't leave now you'll probably end up getting a divorce anyway because your relationship will fall apart. What good is staying in your marriage if it ends up filled with resentment? Who knows, maybe if you just sit down and explain to your husband that you are a lesbian the two of you can work out some sort of an arrangement where you keep your family in tact but still get to seek sexual fulfillment elsewhere. It's something the two of you need to have a real conversation about and determine the best course.

C C P Answered:
This is just my opinion, but the real question you should be asking yourself IMO is: Do you love your husband? If you love him, you might not necessarily have to leave him, but the problem is, you're really not giving us much info about him in your post. Does he know that you're thinking about divorcing him? Does he know that the reason you're thinking about it is because you're not attracted to men, which includes him? Is he a strictly and traditionally monogamous kind of guy, or do you think he might be willing to open his mind (and your marriage) a bit in order to foster a greater happiness for you both?

Passion and sexual desire is often fleeting, and let's face it, love is a really difficult thing to find sometimes. If not being able to experience passion and sexual desire for someone you're attracted to is making you so unhappy that you're thinking about divorcing him, having your freedom is obviously very important to you. So if you don't think you love him any more, you should go ahead, divorce him, and get it over with as quickly as possible. It'll be painful of course, but waiting is only doing a disservice to him if you don't really love him. If you do love him, and you really need a little more freedom in your life, and you need it so bad that you're willing to divorce him, he deserves a chance to exercise what little choice in the situation he has, doesn't he? You were married to him, after all.

So if you love him, I think you should sit down, tell him about these passions and sexual desires you can no longer bear to live without fulfilling, and tell him that you intend to go out and experience these things whether he wants you to or not. And then tell him that, despite all that, you still love him. And it is because you love him so much that you are going to do the decent thing and allow him to decide between either willingly giving you the freedom you need to pursue your passion and sexual desires with other women, or if he can't stand the idea, he can decide to divorce you. But either way, whichever path he chooses, your needs will not go ignored.

He might get defensive and angry, but don't budge on your position, and don't show any wavering in your resolve. Your needs must come first, but that doesn't mean you should be completely blind to his needs. You can offer to let him set a few rules to ensure this freedom you need remains strictly NSA, if it would help reassure him that you do still love him. As your husband, he deserves complete honesty, so as long as you're still married, you should offer to tell him as much or as little as he wants about your affairs. If he doesn't want to know what you're doing, that's up to him.

Meow Meow San Answered:
Sexuality and emotional attachment are two different things. What exactly is marriage anyway?Ever thought about that?

Marriage by social default is the celebration and union of two people in love who want to work towards a greater and closer future together.Sex is an after thought.

If you know you're a lesbian and you're married to a man, ask yourself: do you love him?Is he your life or is he a very small part of your life?If he is your life, then stay with him.Sex only makes up a small part of our entire lives.However, if he makes up a small part of your life, then leave him and look for another woman to fulfill your intimate endeavors – emotionally and physically.

Ultimately, both scenarios are fine, but at the same time, if you feel you have never truly loved him and the sex you two have is unbearable, then yes, definitely break up and do something that really matters to you.Your husband will be heart broken for sure, but better now than later.

Shaun Holt Answered:
A government is responsible for DECENCY and MORALITY.

Gays are making deviant immoral lifestyle choices that harm society.

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