Will modern day feminism destroy the idea of marriage?

The sympathy of crashing waves Asked: Will modern day feminism destroy the idea of marriage?

Will modern day feminism destroy the idea of marriage?

When considering the disastrous effects of modern day feminism such as skyrocketing divorce rates, artificially feminized men, artificially masculinized women, broken family structures, unhappy families, little to no family values etc., is it hard to image that, in 20 or so years from now, the very idea of getting married would be simply be laughed off by a majority of people (at least in America)?

I feel that our society is becoming too political. Everyone can't have equal rights, especially, unfortunately, when it comes to something such as gender. Just observe nature, are males equal to females? No. Males have always been the providers, the hunters, the decision makers. Females have always been the nurturers, the care-takers, the gatherers.

If you take a look at modern day women (at least in western societies) it seems as if the more equal they become with men, the less realistic the idea of a marriage becomes. Yes, marriage is a partnership, but at the end of the day, as there always has been, there is an ultimate head of the household, someone who wears the pants so to speak. Women are gradually becoming convinced that they should be the ones to do this.

Something about this doesn't seem right. Just because we're humans who have complex brains and are capable of providing ourselves (males and females alike) equal rights, does that mean that it's the right thing to do? Something about the increase of feminism, especially in America, seems very UNNATURAL to me.

We can't ignore nature. Males have always displayed dominance over the females. I feel that ultimately by giving females too many equal, unnatural rights, we not only destroy the family and the sacred idea of marriage — but we also destroy the societal fabrics that we've relied on in the past.

Basically, I feel that if this modern day feminism continues and doesn't stop — the idea of marriage will eventually become something practiced by a minority of people. Women will become self-obsessed, and too career oriented ultimately destroying the family.


Jessica Answered:
It already has.Feminism is the reason no fault divorce exists.

Men Are Superior Answered:
We already have overpopulation. Less females interested in'the family', the better.It's also good economically speaking to have a larger workforce and less children who are a natural drain on the economy.

myeatyou Answered:
Marriage is about keeping families close, which in turn will keep communities close and strong.

Marriage has already been ruined. People these days either marry because they allow themselves to be pressured into it, or they just have some selfish desire to marry.

The Henchman Answered:
No, marriage will inevitably destroy itself. It being an institution designed to benefit men.

Melody M Answered:
Already has, most men i know never want marriage, most don't even want a woman anymore, we have given up hope good women are out there.

Walrus 2012 Answered:
Marriage self destructed on its own

Humans are not monogamous

Blue Eyed Homo Answered:
It already has. No-fault divorce, alimony, VAWA.

Marriage is natural…

because having sex with one person for the rest of your life is so common in nature?

Nerveana Answered:

christfag detected, stop ignoring nature and throw away your computer and medicines

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