Would you date your ex after she has been married, now divorcing, and has 2 small children?

Trickle Asked: Would you date your ex after she has been married, now divorcing, and has 2 small children?

II have been separated from my emotionally abusive and cheating husband of 4 years for over 9mons and we are divorcing.We have twin daughters who are not yet 2.I am still in love with my ex and he is in love with me. The feelings for the ex were suppressed during my courtship and beginning stages of marriage.But my husband was very emotionally abusive and a miserable man who was never satisfied with anything about me.My entire marriage with him I felt as if I was walking on egg shells trying to please him and make him happy.My ex is a man who I dated right b4 my husband for 4 years. I thought he would be the one.But we kept butting heads and having arguements and grew distant.The sadness of that i believe opened me up to what may well have been a rebound with my husband.

My concern now is for a start over with the ex. We have been talking lately. I mean hours on end.6 hours straight multiple nights a week.Constant texts, and we have both confessed to still being in love with each other. We have not seen each other in 5 years, despite the fact that he lives 5 mins away from me. He has a girlfriend who he says he doesnt love but cares for.She loves him and he doesnt want to hurt. Plus he says he feels he owes it to her to try and see if he can fall in love with her.I understand his position.But we are like best friends now. He says I am the only person in his life now that he feels so connected with.He is the same in mine.
My question is, would you be willing to leave someone who loves you, for an ex of over 5 years ago, who loves you 2, but has been married, is divorcing, and has 2 small children?
I feel like I am a wild card in his eyes, and that he may feel it "safer" to stay with the current girlfriend who and see if he can ever learn to love her.If you were in this position, what would you do?


Geovanni Answered:
just from reading the tittle question, without reading the details….. it already sounded like tooooooooo much drama!!!!!
i wouldnt do it hunny.
too much baggage for me!

charlesjerrell Answered:
no when u bring in other kids intoa relationship it very seldom works ,plus u open ur life to be included with the other person, an accident waiting to happen

Cassid Answered:
Well, did you forget that you have 2 children now? Put yourself out of the equation and think for a second how THEIR life is going to be affected by your decision, rather than ask anons on yahoo answers.

puppysyndrome Answered:
As much as i may still feel something her which is normal having dated her with some memories of sweet times together and some aspect of her which elates me i would rather concentrate on my current loving gf and give her all the love and care.with my ex it only looks like she wants a cake back that she already ate.

Franklin Answered:
Hon, you are walking into the biggest mess of your life, even bigger than the mess you are in now with your up coming divorce.Whatever you had with this man years ago is over, or as someone else has said, why did you two not stay together, and why did you go off and marry another guy.Can I be frank with you? this guy is just looking for some "extra" on the side, he knows you are in a very vulnerable state and is taking advantage. It may not seem like it to you, but to us on the outside looking in, well, we can see what you cannot.You have to be very careful right now. Lets look at things, you have no husband, you have two children and I guess your finances are down and probably very shaky, so you are looking,and you may not quite realize it, you are looking for more than this guy can offer. Be very careful you are not just clutching at straws.We all wish you good luck.

jimbo Answered:
its complicated really, bt i advice u put it in Gods hand and wait 4 God to do his wish bcos in dis real world luvin sum1 alone does nt really count bt to kw if u guz are really meant 4 each other. So my dear pray over it

jummy Answered:
Ignore his txtd and in class if he ever talks bout it ignore him tell him to go away or change the subject

Josh Answered:
Well, he sounds like a pervert, just don't talk to him anymore, he'll get the message.

DeeM Answered:
You shouldn't be pressured to do things you dont want to.
i've come across guys like that.
i thought it through
and messaged them.
" okay so i don't like how you talk to me. Its uncomfortable and inappropriate.
if you want to keep talking to me then i suggest to keep it PG 13." haha- even though im not 13..
so basically. i told this guy to lay off. and that there are other AMAZING guys out there.
😀 so. gl with this guy situation. :3 and if he doesnt listen just don't answer him.

Saskia Answered:
avoid him, dont get involved, it will end up badly, tell a teacher or kick him in the balls when hes alone then run to ur friends lol jk about the last one xx

Karo Miyuki Answered:
This is just a person from your biology class not your boyfriend. Even if he as your boyfriend your shouldn't have to. You owe the guy nothing, so if you don't want to text those stuff then don't. Say don't want, and if he continues ignore his texts.. and if he ask why say he makes you comfortable.

Cupids Flower Answered:
That guy is trying to force you to do something that you are dont feel comfortable doing. If he continues to put pressure on you to talk dirty to him then his message is clearthat he has no respect for you. No means no and he needs to accept that. And if he cannot accept that then you need to end it right now. The best thing for you to do is to block his number so he can no longer get in touch with you. If you don't block his number then he is going to continue to put pressure on you to do something that you don't want to do. You need to keep in mind that the guy only wants you to talk dirty to him because he wants to play with himself at the other end. That my dear is called sexting.

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